Mai Macheso’s Company Disappears With Customers’ Property
23 September 2021

By A Correspondent- Posting in the Name and Shame facebook group, Merylin Mamelo Meme Mzizi accused Talgar Investments Private Limited of failing to deliver their goods since April 2011.

She said:

I would like to name and shame Talgar Investments PTy Ltd a company owned by Mai Macheso and her husband based in Johannesburg.

We sent our property with them in April 2021 till today our property has not been delivered to Zimbabwe in Gwanda.We are really not happy with their services as we expect our goods to be delivered and not wait 5 months to get our staff.

On the first month my husband is the one who was communicating with Mai Macheso’s husband on updates about whereabouts of the goods. First month they said the truck is stuck at the boarder and customs wanted money to clear the goods and they wanted us to send more money on top of the 8300 that we already paid for property to be delivered.

We didn’t contribute on that because we wanted proof the truck was really stuck at the boarder and what the problem was. Fast forward 2 months later they said truck has been released at the boarder and we can expect delivery but still that never happened instead vakatoti truck radarika kuGwanda so will deliver on our way back to SA.

We waited again and tisu tatovabvunza kuti ko how otherwise vaitozvinyararira which makes me think they just want us to give up on everything. We offered to help them by collecting our goods in Bulawayo since we have people we know there but they couldn’t give us any information kuti truck ravo riripi kuByo .

If you do a follow up they either reply you after days or just have excuses kuti truck rafa they looking for parts for the truck to be fixed. We don’t mind collecting the ourselves if they are in Zimbabwe as they say because we are tired of waiting now.

I would not recommend anyone to use them because our experience wasn’t good at all and I know maybe there are people that had a better experience with them but for us we not happy at all.

Any help would be appreciated Thank you — with Mai Macheso.