You Lied To Us, Villagers Challenge Mnangagwa…
23 September 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Mwenezi villagers have accused the Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa of lying to them only to buy loyalty.

Writing on behalf of Mwenezi community, Timoth Muswere said Mr Mnangagwa must resign as he has failed to abide by his promises.

See full letter below:
For so long a time we have endured your brutality through the state apparatus.

It’s high time now you must confess, repent and resgn!! A citizen justice procedure upon you won’t leave you alive. Just accept the request and vacate the office.

Mwenezi have always been your party’s hunting ground surely you rigged easier in Mwenezi than in Harare. You threatened us more for your own advantage than anwere else. Zvemakaranga mantra would haunt you one day. Turn Pee neshuro Road needs vast rehabilitation obviously Tarred road. You promised this directly , previously and indirectly my request now is please you have failed to get up to the task. Simply step down and even the Gukurahundi issue would not haunt you.

Mwenezi is innocent, what have we done to deserve this rampant oppression and fake promises.

Tajamuka,tapepuka tayeuka let me say it clearly in your mother languange. If you want to get further explanation I would be always available for you to answer .

Mwenezi just need to breath and you have suffocated us enough. Land reform came, yes big fishes took well developed farms and a few poor peasants got the 8 hacter stands in areas with no water,no road network, no communication. Waaal Rambai makashinga but the bones of Mbuya Nehanda would resurrect from the grave. Don’t take us for a ride nor for granted . We are fully Zimbabweans and we pay tax.

I would appreciate it if this letter reaches out to you with pleasure and would be patiently waiting for your reply or response .

Timoth Muswere
Disgruntled Mwenezi Resident under Chief Negari*

The Zanu PF leader Emmerson Mnangagwa