Mai Titi To Tatelicious: I Didn’t Fly To US For A Man
26 September 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | Mai Titi is currently stranded in US after being dumped, the controversial sociallites Tatelicious Karigambe and Evidence Chihera have alleged.

The two sociallites took turns to blow the story up with Evidence Chihera saying it was a new blow in Felistas Murata’s career.

Tate, who has been close to the sociallite, was the first to make the announcement citing a source close to Felistas Murata’s US based boyfriend.

“I just got a message from a close source yaShepherd,” she said.

She continued saying, “Felistas arambwa,” – Felistas has been dumped.

Hours later on, Mai Titi went on video to announce saying she did not fly to the US for a man. 

Meanwhile, the development will not be new as the same woman was recently rejected by a Congolese singer in Tanzania, and then went on to spread accusations of rape. This was just before her own eyewitness confessed on live video that it was Mai Titi who was the attacker.