Mnangagwa Allows Chinese To Grab Mbuya Nehanda’s Mine
26 September 2021
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By Dorrothy Moyo | Emmerson Mnangagwa has allowed a Chinese imperialist to seize a farm belonging to Zimbabwe’s Chimurenga figurehead Nehanda, a man narrates in video footage.

The man is seen on video narrating how the Nehanda spirit located the mine that has now gone under Chinese ownership.

I grew up in this area, I now have grandchildren;

“We didn’t know there is a mine here, until a man Arthur Chipunza went into a trance and the ancestor Mbuya Nehanda came upon him and directed him to this mine.

“It’s very clear this spirit led him and this mine was now assisting many youths with sustenance. “

Commenting over this, Mnangagwa’s spokesman George Charamba said the only way to address the matter is for people to always obtain mine-title-deeds.