“Register To Vote If You Have Had Enough Of Zanu PF”
28 September 2021

It is not fair to say Zimbabweans deserve the leaders they have. Whether through fear or otherwise, many in this land voted Zanu-PF into power.

If there was any rigging or intimidation, it was done by Zimbabweans. And so is the stealing that is rampant in government.

Corruption, too, is a wholly Zimbabwean affair, as are the laws that strip ownership of land and repel foreign direct investment. We should take ownership of all this folly, cowardice and stupidity. It is ours collectively.

We rightly deserve Information minister Monica Mutsvangwa and Masvingo Provincial Affairs minister Ezra Chadzamira as government ministers.

The activists’ work will go up in smoke if the youths do not register to vote and if Parliament does not ensure that the Registrar-General and Zimbabwe Electoral Commission work according to the dictates of the Constitution.

Parliament ought to hold the Executive to account, but it is found wanting.

Somehow, the supreme law of the land has been manipulated to allow a few people to recall MDC Alliance MPs voted into Parliament by thousands of supporters.

Our misery is not a result of the Southern African Development Community or a United States thing, but ours.

So is the obnoxious government. When we have had enough, we shall change it, as did the Zambians. The activists, however, must avoid making the same mistakes as Zanu-PF.

The people, at all times, must be consulted and not ordered, insulted, beaten or intimidated.

People must register to vote if they have had enough of Zanu-PF, otherwise we shall continue to cry.