Joyinani Says: Mnangagwa Is Also Nelson Chamisa’s President | FULL TEXT
29 September 2021
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Mlilo Joyinani

By Mlilo Joyinani, Shadow Councillor Ward One, Harare South | I am not representing anyone except the people of Zimbabwe.

I don’t know but I understand that the so called Vengai Musengi, the ZANU PF youth chair for Mashonaland West is somehow talking something of high quality. President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa is not anyone’s property, he is the president of The Republic of Zimbabwe. He is also Nelson Chamisa’s president!

Musengi has no power whatsoever not to allow Hon.Temba Mliswa to attend the president’s occasions.

Hon. Mliswa is a hardworker and the likes of the Musengis are afraid of him. Sometimes we must face reality in life and dump ancient politics, attending our president’s occasions actually show patriotism not cronyism.

These are the same people who are advocating for constituency delimitations and by-elections yet the same people who are there are doing nothing.

We don’t need all those things but development.

Musengi does not cast more than one vote as an individual so he must not think that he is more ZANU Pf than others.

ZANU PF has no owner and it is a very big institution which has no obstacle, if you try to be an obstacle you suffer the consequences.


We need five million votes but you see some people chasing away the same votes which we want. That is utter rubbish and absolutely nonsense.

If Nelson Chamisa decides to attend any function being addressed by the president that’s his right.
Now is the time not to be passive,primitive and backward!

Hon. Temba Mliswa is a hard worker so let us leave him alone,he is a patriotic cdre who knows what we want.

Zanu PF is not a company.