Will Swipe System Stop Police Bribery?
29 September 2021
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Swipe system

POLICE are rolling out a multi payment system at roadblocks across the country which will see motorists using all modes of payment and settling some of their fines on the spot.

The system will see motorists pay their fines through Point of Sale (POS), EcoCash and cash at roadblocks. This is part of efforts to improve service delivery and avoid unnecessary delays at roadblocks.

Police Commissioner- General Godwin Matanga in a statement recently instructed police officers to desist from causing unnecessary delays for motorists at roadblocks.

He issued the directive to police commanders at provincial, district and station level to ensure that police officers on the ground minimise unnecessary delays to the public at roadblocks and checkpoints.

In an interview National police spokesperson, Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said the initiative was in line with Government’s drive of “ease of doing business.”

“We are working on adopting a multi payment system at our roadblocks in line with Government’s drive of ease of doing business. Under the system we will introduce Point of Sale, EcoCash and cash payments at our roadblocks.

This will mean that in some situations motorists can pay their fines at roadblocks instead of going to stations,” he said.

Asst Comm Nyathi said motorists will also be able to pay their fines using either POS, EcoCash or cash at police stations.

He added: “This will help prevent unnecessary delay of motorists and it won’t inconvenience drivers who won’t be having cash at hand. We want to apply ease of doing business while at the same time maintaining law and order and promoting safety on our roads.”

Asst Comm Nyathi appealed to motorists to cooperate with the police under this new system. He said motorists also have to ensure that they produce correct particulars.

He also said modalities will be put in place to ensure that the multi payment system is secure and not abused by rogue members of the force.

The police spokesperson said more information on the system will be released in due course.

“Government is embracing smart policing and in the process is ensuring that each police officer is placed under surveillance. Modalities will be put in place to ensure that this multi payment system is not abused by rogue members of the force and corrupt motorists,” said Asst Comm Nyathi.

Asst Comm Nyathi said this does not mean that motorists have to take advantage of the multi payment system to commit traffic offences knowing that they now have convenient ways of paying their fines.

He said the police will continue to enforce road regulations in order to preserve lives and reduce road carnages. He urged motorists to adhere to road regulations at all times. Chronicle