MBINGA-IDIOT: Mudiwa Hood’s Disgusting Video Mind Controlling Other Men’s Wives, Has To Be Gunned Down
1 October 2021
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– As all our women run to this Male-Witch, something has to be done.

By Dr Blast Jukwa | After all the advice against his abusive boasts which destroy the family institution, one would have thought the singer. Mudiwa Hood would soon apologise to all men for open-zipping into their bedrooms. But alas Mudiwa continues to stay aloof, and after this piece of immoral umbrage, he swiftly beats his chest silently, because he has accomplished his mission- ‘grooming other men’s women so they eventually bed him.’

The Mudiwa Hood stadium video posted online 5 days ago shows a woman battling to escape her man while screaming for the singer.

A skillful ZimEye contributor had to shape out a befitting Mudiwa Hood headline, in a piece of Editorial Satire so to hush the marriage-breaking-abusive-boasts the singer recently uttered as he lowered millions of struggling Zim husbands during this pandemic, in front of their wives.

If the title had been written differently, Mudiwa would have gotten what he gloats for – underpanting other men’s relationships.

Mudiwa recently abused other men by saying their women must forsake them if the man does not have money.

President Robert Mugabe’s son, Chatunga, 2 weeks ago, criticised Mudiwa saying people who mock those trying to make ends meet forget that some have made it in life due to connections while some have tried everything possible but still failed.

Chatunga writing on Twitter, said he had in the past come across people fighting hard to make things work without success.

“being broke is a mindset” statement iri is bullshit. I’ve seen some hustlers who tries very hard but zvichitoramba if yu ar privileged enough to get connections you don’t hve to mock varikuedza or put unnecessary pressure,” said Chatunga.

When the Mudiwa abusive footage came out, the ZimEye contributor on Thursday ended up thrusting out the opposite of the reaction Mudiwa was hoping to get from the public through the footage- shame. This was the most appropriate thing to do seeing the further damage to relationships the latest screaming would cause as some printed out saying “Mudiwa is now hot,” he’s caused a woman to jump away from her man. To this day, Mudiwa who must apologise to his victim, the abused man, has remained mum, perhaps because he has gotten what he was seeking.

So after this video’s surfacing, what will now happen to every marriage – more women will jump out of their seats to bed-worship this Chitungwiza lad?

This Mudiwa utter nonsense must be condemned by all family loving Zimbabweans. Any takers?