ED Warned Over Mugabe Corpse War
2 October 2021
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South African based academic Dinizulu Macaphulana  (real name Dr. William Mpofu) has warned President Emmerson Mnangagwa that the spirited fight to have the late President Robert Mugabe’s corpse reburied at the national shrine will be his downfall.

Macaphulana added that the legal wrangle over Mugabe’s body led by his daughter Bona will lead to Mnangagwa’s defeat.

Said Macaphulana, “Some time ago I deposited a view that the political fight that will bring down Emmerson Mnangagwa is the fight between himself, his faction, versus the Robert Mugabe family. There was a lot of laughing at me that happened. I want to insist that eventually it is the Mugabes led by his child that will open a crack that will open Mnangagwa to defeat and destruction. This obsession with Mugabe’s dead body will dissolve Mnangagwa.”

In 2019, Macaphualana foretold that Mnangagwa will persecute the Mugabes leading to Bona taking over as leader of the family and rally Zimbabweans against Mnangagwa.

“Unbeknown to most of you is that in ZANU-PF now, no one can, with rhetoric and logic move even the stones better than Bona Mugabe. If you remember the young Mugabe you know half the story. She will speak in a tone and accent never before heard.

“She will speak in proverbs like a possessed woman. Wait to witness Bona Mugabe before a rally and you will come back to me. Her family and herself will be punished to suicide, and then the Mugabeness in Bona will kick in. So, opposition, do not be found in irrelevance when this starts. Be found with the people, and Bona will have to talk to you or the people will go to Bona and you will have to talk to her.”

Macaphulana recently alleged that the late Solomon Mujuru’s body parts were harvested before he was killed and later burnt.

“Solomon Mujuru’s murder was one burnt offering carried out in ritual occult style that mixed assassination with pure witchcraft. Many Zimbabweans dont know it that Mujuru was killed alongside a girl that was unknowingly used to trap him and that some of his body parts , including a foot, were harvested for ritual purposes. Exactly why Mugabe refused to have his body surrendered to the sorcerers he once worked with and used.”