MDC Alliance President Nelson Chamisa to turn Around Zimbabwean fortunes
2 October 2021
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By Prince Njagu- MDC-A President Advocate Nelson Chamisa is being seen the beckon of hope by many Zimbabweans.

The current and previous ZANU PF administrations have dragged the once prosperous country into the mud. Abuse of human rights; torture; a fast dwindling economy; corruption and looting are the words which work hand in hand with ZANU PF. The people of Zimbabwe are pushing for change.

The resounding election victory of the new Zambian President Hakainde Hichilema send shock waves to the ZANU PF ruling elite as they know that change is possible in any political landscape and on the other extreme this victory gave Zimbabweans hope for  change.

Victory for Hichilema has rekindled hopes for Zimbabweans as they now believe in the power of  voting in large numbers.

Many Zimbabweans have started registering to vote as they see light at the end of the tunnel and they now have renewed hope in the possibility of anything happening in politics.

Chamisa is being likened to Hakainde and the people of Zimbabwe believe that he will bring about the positive change that the country needs.

Hopewell Chin’ono said; “Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema  was prepared for this job.He is doing the job effortlessly.”

Chin’ono a renowned journalist who has heavily critiqued this crop of corrupt ZANU PF  leaders has been put in jail for exposing the rot in the government but has remained vigilant in performing his citizenry duty of advocacy and letting the world know about the current state of affairs in Zimbabwe.

The recent arrest of journalists and online context creators on September 30 has been viewed by many as a regressive action and  death to freedom of expression in the now banana republic.

Zimbabwe Online Content Creators issued a statement condemning the illegal arrest and detention of the 9 journalists at the Harare Central Police Station.

“ZANU PF and it’s puppets will make one positive move and then two negative steps back; at such a rate our country is doomed for failure,” said activist Sandra Bvungidzire.

Chin’ono has always talked about the pressing issues in Zimbabwe and has been following Zambian President Hichilema throughout his campaign and now his presidency. Time and again he has made comparisons and made reference on how this could be the case with Zimbabwe after the 2023 elections.

“Zambians must stand tall, they elected a decent man to run their country,” he said.

An MDC-A leadership is what Zimbabwe needs; the country needs young people with a vision; not a political party which has been in power for more than 43 years and no positive change.

The Economy has withered under ZANU PF; international relations have been strained because ZANU PF does not uphold human rights.

“No country wants to associate with a government that violates human rights; the Chinese are not investing in Zimbabwe; they are looting and milking the country of its precious resources,” said activist Sandra Bvungidzire.

The once breadbasket of Southern Africa is now one of the poorest country in Africa; many educated youths but they are no jobs in the country.

Advocate Nelson Chamisa said; “Our new government will institute a market-sensitive, people- centred and development-oriented sound economic policies which are predictable, consistent, investor friendly and business boosting thus fostering an enabling business environment which guarantees return on investments.”

The current state of infrastructure in the country is so pathetic; electricity blackouts which last for more than 15 hours daily; no running water in the cities for days and in some parts for months.

Hospital infrastructure is dilapidated and once tarred roads are now dust roads.

If ZANU PF cannot admit that they have failed; then the word failure must mean something different in their vocabulary.

ZANU PF has been heavily accused of coercion and manipulation to cover up its corrupt ways as well it’s failing as an administration.

Hopewell said; “ZANUPF supporters are treated like cartoon characters by their leaders. They are lied to that the WorldBank stopped lending Zimbabwe money because of sanctions and  they believe it. Yet the ZANUPF regime failed to service its debts 2 years before sanctions.”