Shock As Suspected Witch Is Caught Stark Naked
2 October 2021
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By A Correspondent- A Nyanga woman suspected to be a witch was last week stark naked at a neighbour’s homestead in Sedze Village in Nyanga.

Mavis Nyambuya, who was accompanied by her two-year-old nephew who was also naked, was found wandering the homestead of her would-be victim, Memory Mahowa.

The Weekender learnt that Mahowa sought the assistance of self-confessed Mutare-based spiritual healer, Madzibaba Stephen Nzira to protect her homestead from merchants of the underworld, in a practice loosely known as ‘kuisa munamato’.

Madzibaba Nzira confirmed the incident and told The Weekender that Mahowa sought his services after her children began experiencing weird happenings such as waking up with strange markings on their hands. Madzibaba Nzira said:

It was a clear case of witchcraft. I did not disclose to them that their neighbour was behind these strange happenings.

I gave her some water to sprinkle around her house among other instructions. This was to act as a ‘fireguard’ from unwelcomed visitors like Nyambuya.

When Nyambuya was trapped, she was in the company of her two-year-old nephew whom I believe was being initiated into the practice. The child also had some marks on her hand.

The terrified and cornered Nyambuya screamed for help attracting a huge crowd that demanded for instant justice.

The police’s swift reaction saved her.

A recorded video of Nyambuya begging for forgiveness and crying while seated on the ground with the young girl has gone viral on social media platforms. She is heard pleading:
People are praying.

This place is holy. I am feeling hot. I am sorry about this. Please forgive me. My other colleagues have escaped.

Villagers expressed shock at Nyambuya’s move to recruit a young child into the witchcraft world.

Acting Chief Saunyama, said although he was yet to get finer details of the matter, he would summon Nyambuya to his court.

He said that Nyambuya will have to pay a fine of not less than three beasts if found guilty and she also faces banishment.

Popular Nyanga exorcist and traditional healer, Shingirai Mukotsanjera on Tuesday said that was pure witchcraft and this child was being initiated into witchcraft.

-Manica Post