Are Donkeys More Expensive Than Cattle
3 October 2021
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Are donkeys more expensive than cattle?

Well, we all thought otherwise but a statement from the Zimbabwe Republic Police has placed the value of four donkeys almost seven times the value of 16 cattle.

Commenting on reports of rampant cattle rustling in Matebeleland South, the police said:

“The ZRP has intensified an operation code named ‘Lets Fight Stock Thieves/ Asilwiseni Amasela Ezifuyo’. From 26-29/09/21, 16 stolen cattle valued at US$4 800 and seven donkeys valued at $28 700 were recovered at Guyu area, Gwanda. An unregistered Ford Ranger vehicle was also recovered and revenue valued at $12 000 was raised from other offences during the operation,” the statement read