Mugwadi Pictures Torch Social Media Storm
3 October 2021
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Pictures of ZANU PF’s Director of Information and Publicity, Tafadzwa Mugwadi have set social media ablaze with some saying he is struggling in life yet he wants to make the public believe his party can transform their lives.

One Cde Never Maswerasei posted on Twitter saying the former MDC official was disgusting. He said:

Dear Tafadzwa Mugwadi: Mfanha iwe ndakambokuudza kuti hauna kurongeka brain dzako zvino chiona manje. Takatadzeiko kutinyadzisa zvakadai? Chii ichi babamudiki? Murikutanda botso here? Munhu waDirector of Comms for an entire ruling party. Ndikauyako ndoda kukurova zvekuti heki. [I once told you that you’re not organised. What have we done to deserve this embarassment? What’s happening young brother? Are you being tormented by some spirits? A whole Director of Communication for an entire party. I will beat you thoroughly when I come there.]

The governing party posted the same picture wishing him “the best of studies.”

MDC Alliance NewZealand posted the picture  and said:

Communications @TafadzwaMugwadi. He lives in such insalubrious conditions which could be his source of anger everytime he opens his mouth. The guy insults and defend the corrupt @ZANUPF_Officials who live in Mansions & drives the latest top range cars.

Some said the pictures portrayed the life led by most of the supporters of the governing ZANU PF part adding that they need help for them to see how ZANU PF is destroying their lives.

Some defended the former former Zimbabwe National Students Union (ZINASU) leader saying he was at least not living a fake life.

Living standards in Zimbabwe have been deteriorating for the past two decades and many attribute the sad state of affairs to maladministration by the ruling ZANU PF