Last Maengahama – From Prison To Standing Committee
4 October 2021
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From prison to Standing Committee

Cdes and friends help me to congratulate Cde Leader Last Maengahama for his appointment to the MDC Alliance National Standing Committee as the Secretary for Policy and Research, this is a clear testimony of God’s work and great leadership being exhibited by President Adv Nelson Chamisa, a leader recognising and acknowledging a cde whom he worked with from the beginning, Leader Maengahama has been in the trenches since the inception of MDC, a founding member, he was very instrumental in the creation of not only Harare Province structures but other provinces too.

I say congratulations leader Maengahama from the bottom of my heart and wish you all the best, l am happy for you my brother, from Prison to the National Standing Committee, thank you President Adv Nelson Chamisa- Fortune Munyonga

Last Maengahama