ZRP Gags Female Officers From Social Media
4 October 2021
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By A Correspondent- The Zimbabwe Republic Police, ZRP has warned female officers against “tarnishing the image of the force” by posting “sexually seductive” images of themselves on social media.

The warning was made in a memorandum dated 29 September 2021 by Deputy Commissioner General [Operations] who directed the holding of disciplinary trials and suitability boards held for offending cops.

The memo has been cascaded to police provincial, district right down to police stations where individual police officers have been informed.
In a copy of the memo relayed to Officers in Charge of police stations in Mount Darwin district Sunday by Officer Commanding Police Mount Darwin District, police were warned against “misuse of social media”.
Read the memo, “This Headquarters has noted with concern the proliferation of photos and videos on social media platforms where police officers are openly seen denigrating the Government, uttering political statements and improperly dressed with some female officers posting sexually seductive photos and videos in full Zimbabwe Republic Police uniform.
“This conduct is tarnishing the Zimbabwe Republic Police’s image and is contrary to the dictates of the disciplinary code as espoused in the Police Act, Chapter 11:10.
“Commanders are implored to immediately identify such members and take decisive action which includes disciplinary trials and boards of inquiry (suitability).
“The current trending video on the social media where two members are seen openly dressed in Police uniform, holding a swipe card, while displaying local currency notes and lip syncing to the lyrics of the song Munyu Hauchavavi (Salt) by Blessing Shumba, is a case in point.”