Election Watchdog Slams Plot To Cancel Polls
5 October 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust has declared that MDC T’s call for postponement of elections is unconstitutional.

MDC T said elections should be cancelled to create space for the implementation of reforms.

According to Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust, such utterances are dangerous and reckless.

Below is ZEAT’s statement:

MDC T’s proposal for the scrapping of both impending by-elections and 2023 general elections is despicably startling,mind boggling and reckless.

As ZEAT we condemn such wayward and malicious statements from a party that also aspires for higher politcal office.

Zimbabwe is a constitutional democracy and has been religiously holding periodic democratic elections as espoused in the constitution since independence..Such crass and irresponsible comments have a propensity of causing panic and despodency among our peace loving population. ZEAT…. fostering democratic elections!

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