Chiyangwa Scoffs At Passion Java Accident Reports
6 October 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | Was the Facebook preacher, Passion Java involved in a car accident? In the video below, businessman Phillip Chiyangwa jokes about rumours that Java was involved in a car crash.

Chiyangwa: koPassion.

Java: Yes

Chiyangwa: how come people would texting me asking me the young man has been involved in an accident, and he has literally perished? And now I myself had to phone you and you were not picking.

Java: In the middle of the night.

Chiyangwa: In the middle of the night at 2am.

Java: Hey.

Chiyangwa: and then I checked forcefully on the Facebook website and then I concluded that these can only be lies. And that’s when I sent you an audio asking you if you are alive. And I said get in touch with me to let me know what’s happening.

Java: No you see what will be happening is that there are some people who will be wanting to destroy others. VIDEO-