Robert Mugabe Opens His Coffin, Jumps To the Dancefloor In Song Video
6 October 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | The late President Robert Mugabe opens his grave and dashes to the dancefloor in Platinum Prince’s song video, Shampo.

In the controversial clip, the socialite Passion Java and colleague Mai Titi also feature with the man bashing the woman from behind.

Mai Titi appears with a bustling backside…

Mai Titi and Passion Java, cartoon

as the two tower over each other in Platinum Prince’s one week old song as the musician takes his music to another gear.

And now, from the days he was prowled by CIOs during the Mugabe era, Platinum Prince is not yet done with the late President. In the last week, he has released the music video which has a cartoon featuring Bob dancing together with his coupcessor, Emmerson Mnangagwa, something that flies the slap against what’s the family are saying in real life that Mugabe died a bitter man. The song is titled, Shampo and it is below