Zim Economy Directionless Like A Drunk Zombie- Biti
7 October 2021

Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance vice president Hon Tendai Biti says Zimbabwe’s economy under Emmerson Mnangagwa is directionless like a drunk zombie.

Hon Biti challenged Mnangagwa to concede failure and resign.

The hard-hitting MDC Alliance vice president also dismissed the so called new dispensation.

See his presentation below:
Literally every commodity has gone up in the last few weeks,fuel,mobile phone tariffs, bread&other food items The average increase has been a 30% increase pushing annualized inflation to over 80%. Inflation pressures remain extremely high due to expansionary fiscal pressures.

The expenditure overdrive creates serious inflationary pressures generated by massive increase in Broad Money Supply (M3) .It’s de javu for the ordinary average Zim who finds herself caught in middle of another crises of over-accumulation similar to the melt down years 1997/2008

Truth is since Black Friday , 14 Nov 1997 when the Zim $ fell by 70% , Zim is in a permanent vortex of economic crises , hurtling from one crises to another like a drunk zombie .Truth is Zimbabwe can no longer afford the permanent fudging & extractive reality of #ZANU.It must go

The consumer basket for a family of six is now ZW$50000 equivalent to UD$303 on the parallel market&US$609 on the official exchange rateYet the civil servant is earning ZW$22000 or US$133.00.Meanwhile prices have gone amok in shops.The necrophiliacs have failed&failed absolutely

Hon Biti