MDC Alliance Denounces Zanu PF Barbarism
13 October 2021
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ZanuPF-Sanctioned Torture and Violence on Social Democrats Are Crimes Against Humanity, Mdc Alliance Namibia Demands Constitutionalism And The Rule Of Law!

12 October 2021

Mdc Alliance Namibia totally condemns the incessant violence and torture exposed to change seekers in Masvingo who were on their to a consultative meeting in Charumbira area where the dynamic President Advocate Nelson Chamisa wanted to breakdown the Citizens Convergence for Change concept as our 2023 election campaign theme. The corrupt Ezra Chadzamira is the devil behind the hired satanic Zanupf thugocrats who attacked our visionary President’s convoy yesterday and injured dozens of our supporters.

Social democrats in Namibia have learned with great fury the evil role played by the desperate and politically-inept Ezra Chadzamira who was recently arrested by ZAAC for expropriating plots,but was released after the archbishop of corruption intervened and commanded Matandamoyo to set him free in a catch and release fashion. Further research unraveled that the Youth Chairperson for Masvingo and Chivi, RDC chair, Godfrey Huruva Mukungunugwa is believed to have organised and sponsored by the clueless Zanupf party to pay empty-headed Masvingo youths with unsliced bread, opaque beer(masese) and 10kg silo mealie meal at Matewe garage to assassinate the people’s democratic leader. It is supposed that Chadzamira intended to use terrorism to appease his master Mr Mnangagwa.

Mdc Alliance Namibia remains categorically clear that torture, violence and forced disappearances of opposition activists constitute crimes against humanity. These are actions that ,in creating violent intimidation for political effect induce a well profound sense of unpredictability and hopelessness to the optimistic alternative. Dictators usually deter those who are excluded from power from challenging them hence it is very open that Mr Mnangagwa, ZanuPF Central Committee and Politburo are responsible for the attempted assassination on the People’s President. Since the insatiable appetite to stay in political power was made clear by his predecessor the Robert Mugabe, Mdc Alliance Namibia still holds the conviction that dictators want to stay in ill-gotten power.

In addition to that, without doubt, entrenched authoritarian regimes are popularly known for centralising illegitimate power and resources in a manner that limits meaningful social and political inclusion,instrumentalises key State institutions, reduces democratic space and often allows a specific individual to retain power in any way well beyond typical constitutional confines. The gigantic brutality imposed and exercised by the desperate stomach politicians in Masvingo should be resisted with equal measure. In reality, most torture committed by the sadist state seeks to send a message to the wider audience. It’s quite pathetic that Zanupf has panicked 2 years before 2023 harmonised elections. They know that on 31 July 2018, President Advocate Nelson Chamisa amassed 2.6 million voters and currently, it is mobilising 6 million voters for the impending elections in 2023.

Constitutional democrats in the diaspora have the comprehension that the instrumentalisation of the victims in Masvingo shall never scare or deter the broader audience of a legion of Mdc Alliance supporters across the globe. We have seen and experienced repression from the corrupt and heartless regime in various forms since the formation of the people’s party including censorship of press, limits or muzzling of citizens’ civil and political rights, and coercion. The revolutionary spirit in the Mdc Alliance shall never be broken through arbitrary detention, kidnapping,torture ,forced exile and disappearances. Learnmore Judah Jongwe was killed in the cells in 2002, Susan Tsvangirai was eliminated, Tonderai Ndira, Rebecca Mafikeni, Talent Mabika, Joshua Bakacheza and right now Cde Makomborero Haruzivishe,our ardent youth commander is rotting in jail just because he believes in the Citizens Convergence for Change. We also don’t forget that our leaders Last Maengahama and Tungamirai Madzokere languished in the hell-hole custody of Chikurubi for 10 donkey years only to be acquitted a few months ago. The objective is to instil fear but it will not work simple!

Victims of Zanupf violence in Masvingo are still recuperating in hospital but our resolve to win Zimbabwe for complete change will never die under the impressive leadership of the people’s choice Advocate Nelson Chamisa Wamba Dia Wamba. It is very clear for everyone to see that the serial Zanupf election losers have pressed the panic button. Every Zimbabwean must wake up and smell the coffee. The extrajudicial violence in the Harare regime is obviously shaped by its evil goals and institutional configurations. Through state-sponsored violence, the state hopes to secure citizens’ submission to maladministration manifesting in stinking corruption and graft in the Zanupf morons.

In a nutshell, Mdc Alliance Namibia concluded that Zanupf is a replica of state terrorism which we defined as the intentional use or threat of violence by state agents or their proxies against social democrats who are victimised for the sole purpose of intimidating or frightening a broader audience of innocent citizens willing to converge for complete change. The attempt by Zanupf and their surrogates to link our political generator President Advocate Nelson Chamisa to targeted sanctions shall be continually demystified till Zimbabweans come together against Zanupf satanism. Mdc Alliance doesn’t believe in violence as a way of solving political differences. We believe in constitutional democracy where one man vote is prioritised.







Mdc Alliance Namibia
Rundu Branch Spokesperson
Robson Ruhanya