Stop Interfering With NGO Operations, Election Watchdog Tells Chinamasa
14 October 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri| Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust has challenged Mr Patrick Chinamasa of Zanu PF to stop interfering with the activities of Non Governmental Organizations.

Chinamasa has threatened to censor the activities of NGOs…

In a statement on Wednesday Zimbabwe Election Advocacy Trust described Chinamasa’s comments as reckless and unfortunate…

ZEAT Press statement.

We note with great shock the uncalled for utterances by Mr Patrick Chinamasa that he will organise villagers against Civic Society Organisations.

Mr Chinamasa needs to be reminded that NGOs are the much needed oxygen we cannot do without as they play an important role in humanitarian like health, food security, human rights and economic development. Such utterances are not expected from a person of Chinamasa’s calibre. NGOs play a big part in checking on the government. Without them old doddering man like Chinamasa will run amok and berserk.

Mr Chinamasa needs to be reminded that Zimbabwe is not an Island that can exist without NGOs.

He surely needs to stay in his lane. Zimbabwe is a democratic land so interfering with the day to day running of NGOs will be tantamount to urinating and micturating on the very democratic principles we stand for as a democratic Republic.

It is a public secret that Zimbabwe is in the intensive care unit after all the soul was exhausted from the once jewel of Africa when it was transmogrified from being the once jewel of Africa to a basket case and a burging bowl of steel. In its vegetable state Zimbabwe cannot exist without NGOs.

ZEAT Communications.