Abortion Tragedy For Kadoma Woman
17 October 2021
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Talent Makechemu

By A Correspondent- A second attempt to abort a three-month-old preg_nancy turned fatal for a Kadoma woman.

The tragic incident happened on Wednesday morning.

Talent Makechemu, 24, of Munhumutapa died after visiting Mai Constance of Ndiweni Street for a backyard ab0rtion.

It is believed she died after taking a bleaching solution that was alleged to have been induced by Mai Constance to terminate the preg_nancy.

When H-Metro arrived at the backyard “clinic” along Ndiweni Street, scores of Rimuka and Munhumutapa residents had converged at the house to catch a glimpse of Talent’s lifeless body.

She was lying face down in a room used by Mai Constance.

It emerged that Talent had been vomiting while three bottles of a bleaching solution were seen in the room.

Some of the neighbours said they had been seeing Talent visiting Mai Constance’s “clinic” on numerous occasions.

Mai Constance is well known in the neighbourhood to be providing ab0rtion services.

“I’ve been seeing the girl from Munhumutapa coming to see Mai Constance on numerous occasions and I suspected that she was coming to the clinic.

“Mai Constance has a history of conducting preg_nancy terminations in her room and I don’t know what happened in that room. I later heard the news that the girl from Munhumutapa had died after some complications during the abortion process,” said one neighbour.

Another neighbour said four fetuses had once been found dumped in the area.

“The area had witnessed four dead fetuses being found around and most residents around this place know that Mai Constance was running an illegal backyard ab0rtion clinic charging US$20 but no-one had the guts to report her to the police,” said another neighbour

A friend to Talent said her late friend had terminated another preg_nancy previously.

“Talent was my friend. Early this year she terminated a two-month-old preg_nancy but I do not know what happened today.

“I just heard that she died at a house along Ndiweni street during another attempt to abort another preg_nancy.

“I am shocked with the news of death; it could have been better if she had given birth to the child than to die,” said the friend.

Zimbabwe Republic Police (Rimuka) attended the scene and took the body to Kadoma General Hospital mortuary.