Form 1 Student Kills Self After Being Busted Bedding Minor
18 October 2021

By A Correspondent- In a tragic turn of events, a Form One student from Chitungizwa decided to take his own life after he was busted by his own mother bedding a minor.

15-year old Godfrey Chipare committed suicide yesterday at his cousin’s house in Unit A. He was found hanging on a roofing beam by the toilet side.

The now-deceased is alleged to have had a misunderstanding with his mother after he was found bedding a 14-year-old girl at their house in Unit G.

Godfrey’s cousin, Samantha Chipare, who is baffled by Godfrey’s decision to take his life revealed that she was the last person to talk to him before he was found hanging.

Narrating the events leading up to when Godfrey committed suicide, Samantha told a local tabloid that after Godfrey had an altercation with his mother, he came to their place of residence on Saturday.

Samantha revealed that the next day he informed them that he was returning to his mother’s house but he never pitched up.

She said they have no idea where he spent the day. They only saw him later in the evening when he returned.

Samantha said they did not question him about his return or whereabouts since he had informed them about his intention to go to his mother’s place.

Samantha revealed that the last time she saw him alive was when she woke him up to prepare for school, but she could not monitor him whilst he was preparing.  Godfrey was later found by her mother hanging near the toilet.

She said she had no idea Godfrey was planning to commit suicide. She claims that she discovered through neighbours that he had been looking for vegetable pesticides after his death