WARNING-DISTURBING VIDEO: Wife Stabs Husband To Death And Quickly Tells Police, ” I Should Have Stabbed Him A Bit More”
20 October 2021
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By A Correspondent | A British woman stabbed her husband to death and then telephoned the police to tell them she did it and would have done more.

The below footage is for the case whose trial is ongoing at present.

SUSPECT: I admit it all, alright?

SUSPECT: There’s nothing nasty… I should have stabbed him a bit more. Yes I stabbed him once because he is an aggressive bully and nasty and I have had enough. And when he said he won’t do it…”

COP: My advice is don’t talk about it now, okay?,

SUSPECT: Oh no, no, no I have no intention of not agreeing to what I have done. I know what I have done, and I know why I have done it, and if I had not done it properly I would be really annoyed.

COP: I am further arresting you for murder, errm I have already cautioned you, so your necessity is for your arrest is for an appropriate and effective investigation and to stop further harm.