ZANU PF MP Stops Borehole Drilling
26 October 2021
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Newsday -ZANU PF MP for Vungu constituency in Lower Gwelo, Omega Sibanda is facing stiff competition from former Chiwundura MP Brown Ndlovu, who is said to be eyeing the constituency ahead of the 2023 elections.
Ndlovu, who is currently the Zanu PF Gweru district co-ordinating committee chairperson, is allegedly eyeing to wrest the seat from Sibanda in the 2023 elections.

Omega Sibanda

Ndlovu is allegedly drilling boreholes in ward 8 in Vungu as part of his campaign for the seat.

He is also reported to have drilled boreholes in ward 12 at Nyambango Primary School in Chiwundura, Mandingingi village in ward 14, as well as in Lower Gwelo, and one at Nhlangano Secondary School and another in Tununu village under Chief Mkoba.

Investigations by NewsDay this week revealed that two boreholes at Nhlangano Secondary School and Nkani village are yet to be completed due to wrangling between Sibanda and Ndlovu.

Sibanda is said to have ordered people to stop drilling boreholes in the area without consulting .

He told NewsDay that although development was encouraged, Ndlovu did not consult relevant stakeholders about his projects.

“I am the sitting MP for Vungu constituency, but I was not consulted about his projects. Traditional leaders were also not consulted to ensure their participation. I think there is a normal procedure when doing community development projects which should include participation of relevant stakeholders like traditional leaders, MPs, as well as the beneficiaries to ensure that there is full participation.

Otherwise, there was nothing wrong with funding projects for community development,” Sibanda said.

He said President Emmerson Mnangagwa said no one within Zanu PF should interfere or disturb the sitting MP before his or her term in office expired.

Ndlovu, however, told NewsDay that he was not decampaigning the sitting MP. He said he was only assisting his former school, which had been facing water problems since last year.

“I went to Nhlangano Secondary School, and for that reason, I was just extending my help to my former school. I spoke to some teachers who are facing challenges due to the water crisis which then pushed me to help them. I think people might have misinterpreted everything and linked it to politics,” Ndlovu said.

Nkani village head Andreta Dube said the misunderstanding between the two Zanu PF officials started at a funeral in Ngaramatutha when mourners faced water problems which necessitated the call for borehole drilling.

“We are facing a water crisis which led to people fetching unsafe water from Gweru River. I think people misunderstood Ndlovu and sent a wrong message to Sibanda. I even received a call from our MP asking why we allowed such a project to take

place. I don’t think there is a hidden agenda like what people have been saying. He is only solving water problems in the community,” Dube said. -Newsday