Zanu PF Hooligans Ambush Chamisa
30 October 2021

By A Correspondent- Zanu PF supporters in Bindura on Wednesday blocked the highway in anticipation of the visit by the MDC-Alliance leader Nelson Chamisa to Mount Darwin.

The rowdy crowd staged a protest along the Harare-Bindura Highway near Glendale in Mashonaland Central province, accusing Chamisa of inviting sanctions to the country.

The protesters threatened to block Chamisa’s motorcade, which they anticipated would pass through the area on its way to Mt Darwin.

Newsday reports that the angry-looking Zanu Pf supporters threatened to attack the news crew for covering their protests, unwittingly revealing that the protest was intended to block Chamisa.

“These are Chamisa people going to cover him in Mt Darwin. He will not pass here and let us block them also. They are with him,” the youths claimed.