Mliswa Rescues War Vets From Brutal Police Attacks
31 October 2021
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By A Correspondent- Norton MP, Temba Mliswa on Friday confronted armed police officers who were harassing former liberation warfighters at the Harare Magistrates courts.

The war veterans had just been released on bail and were on their way to their respective homes.

Mliswa was at the court and had paid the bail deposits fr all the 39 war veterans. The war veterans were arrested for demonstrating against poor pension pay-outs.

Posting on his Twitter handle, Mliswa said he challenged the police officers to respect the war veterans they were harassing.

 Posted Mliswa:

Going out of the court I had to stop& admonish some 


 officers harrying and ordering the War Vets to run& get away from the area. They were heavy-handed. I told them you can’t do that, these are aged people, some are disabled, allow them to walk at their pace