Expensive Whisky Booze For Mnangagwa In Glasgow
1 November 2021
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By A Correspondent -Zanu PF supporters based in Scotland yesterday welcomed President Emmerson Mnangagwa with expensive whiskeys.

Videos posted online showed Zanu PF supporters buying expensive whiskeys from a supermarket, eliciting a tweet from Zimbabwe’s government spokesman Nick Mangwana, who wrote: “Tonight there is a massive welcome party held in honour of HE President Mnangagwa.

“Glasgow is the place to be as Zimbabweans from all corners of the UK attend this shindig and welcome their president. The party will sill over to the streets tomorrow.”

One of the men seen pushing a trolley laden with alcohol from a COSCO supermarket has been identified as Kudzai Makuku, a construction manager with Network Rail, a company that manages most of Britain’s rail network.

“We are ready, viva Zanu PF! Welcoming our president ED Mnangagwa in Scotland UK!” Makuku says on the video clip while pushing a trolley full of whiskies, including at least six Glenfiddich 12 bottles worth ‎£40 each. They also carried other whiskies, cases of beers and cognacs.