President Chamisa Outwits Zanu PF…
4 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa has taken the community engagement programme to volatile Mashonaland Central Province.

According to MDC Alliance sources, Zanu PF hooligans attempted to block President Chamisa’s convoy.

However, his advance team managed to outwit the Zanu PF hooligans.

According to President Chamisa, Mashonaland Central Province is ready to embrace change.

“IN MASH CENTRAL… I’m emboldened by the courage for change here in Rushinga and Mt Darwin.. Excellent Community leaders & Citizens interface meetings in Dotito,Nyanhewe, Nyamanyanya,Chimhanda, Nyamatikiti and Rumwa.Thank you Mash Central for the great meetings and warm welcome,” wrote President Chamisa on Twitter.

MDC Alliance Youth Assembly spokesperson Stephen Sarkozy Chuma also wrote:

Youth Assembly cast led by Acting National Chair, Commander @ceechimbiri2 and Acting National Organizer Lovejoy Chitengu is in Mash Central where the People’s President @nelsonchamisa is having fruitful engagements with local leaders.

It’s a year of convergence! (

President Chamisa