Seke Businesswoman Dies In Horror Crash
4 November 2021
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Blessing and friends

By A Correspondent- A well known Chitungwiza businesswoman was yesterday killed in a horror crash along Seke road.

The woman, identified as Blessing Chiedza Matanhire was involved in a head on collision after a lorry that was travelling in the opposite direction encroched into her lane crashing her car.

the late Blessing

Sources privy to the details said she was travelling with her child. It could however not be established if the child died on the spot.

Said a source who witnessed the tragic accident:

“There was a lorry that was travelling in the opposite direction and it is alleged that the driver was on the phone while driving. His vehicle encroached into the other lane which is used by the cars that are travelling from town and going towards Seke. The drivers of many of the vehicles going towards Seke saw how this driver was now a danger and they avoided him.

Unfortunately, Blessing did not see what was happening because she was travelling in her lane. She was involved in a head on collission with the lorry. I dont think the child that she was travelling with survived because the impact was horrific.”