I Never Tried To Kill Chiwenga- Marry
5 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Marry Mubaiwa- Chiwenga has dismissed claims by her former husband Constatino Chiwenga that she tried to kill him in South Africa.

Constantino Chiwenga accuses Marry of trying to kill him by disconnecting some cables in the intensive care unit.

Marry denies the allegations.

She wrote on Twitter:
“Which cables were removed from this guy? That is when he was in South Africa in 2019
Make your own analysis, the truth must come out…”

She added:
A good afternoon depending on your current location. How can I ever get better without having my children in my CUSTODY, I have not seen or spoken to my children for 2years now, they were stolen from me from my matrimonial home under instructions from my husband.

A bedridden Constantino Chiwenga