The Sky Is The Limit, Declares Dynamic Female Crocodile Farmer
6 November 2021
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By Business Correspondent

Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa is a 30 -year old female- who was born and bred In Masvingo.

Vimbai is a poultry producer and she is also a crocodile farmer…

A crocodile is a frightful creature but Vimbai thinks otherwise.

Below she narrates how she is running her business ventures although the economic environment is tough.

“I am a poultry farmer who mainly specializes in raising Broilers ; Free Range Chickens and a bit Of Layers.But most of the income comes from broilers which comprise the Cobb and Ross type.

The eggs we hatch on our own are mainly free range – we collect from the mothers and when in bulk then strategically start the process of hatching,” Vimbai boldly declares…

“Before that the handling of the laid eggs is of importance to us as that process determines the success rate we will pull out after.Then for the good mothers – we allow them to hatch and literally nurse as well as look after their chicks so they create a bond with their offspring and not lose interest after of always having their eggs taken from them.

I started poultry farming in 2015 and this was a trade that was looked down upon.I remember vividly being trolled on Facebook for being in this trade cause then it was regarded as a cheap hussle.

But I remember way back then we used to sell for 6.50 a bird yet 100 birds would generate 650 and from that you could pay back expenses on feed and buy the 100 chicks and still be able to buy another extra 100 from the profit and feed as well.

I remember even way back then Profeeds recommended 6 backs to fruitation for a batch of 100 not the 7 they recommend now.”

About crocodile farming Vimbai says :
“I also happen to be a crocodile farmer which is a trade I was mentored into 2 years later after I had started Poultry.

Our plot is situated in Darwendale and though still not yet as big as we wish to be we are producing reasonable volumes both trades.Like in any normal functional businesses after Covid – we have quite a number of challenges we are facing but we soldier on.My vision is setting up my own tannery so that instead of just producing raw materials we graduate to processing so that we have products made from my merchandise which can also be branded with my logo.I also envision building and setting up a school for interested crocodile farmers so that they learn and benefit from the knowledge I have acquired in this trade since 2017.

This is basically a white dominated trade and it would benefit us a people if we have quite a number of people
who will run this trade.The demand for crocodile skin is very high since the Italians are well known for being fashionistas who make high quality handbags; belts; jackets ; wallets ; key rings; boots.

A certain portion of Russia has high demand of crocodile skin since they wear boots that are specifically made from Croc skin;
The Market has a lot of opportunities it’s just penetrating into it and not looking within local and regionally only! Let’s expand and delve into the international world and see the opportunities that will arise from that.

So I hope and Pray I will make the best out of the 5 years I am left with ; with my youth.So that I grow bigger and better in this trade.

Vimbai D Tanyanyiwa exhibits what she knows best