LIVE: NEWS REVIEW- Chief Ndiweni Vs Dr Mavaza, Pro Govt
9 November 2021
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | Clad in his traditional attire and representing himself and his ego Chief Felix Nhlanhlayamangwe Ndiweni a Zimbabwean traditional leader and an Outspoken and defiant, Zimbabwean traditional Chief was in Glasgow Scotland where he was once again criticizing the government of Zimbabwe. He claimed that there was political and land-use abuses and human rights abuse in Zimbabwe. Chief Nhlanhlayamangwe Felix Ndiweni stands out as one of the few traditional leaders in Zimbabwe selling out and wishes to see the country’s political and economic crisis continue for the sake of his position.

Chief Ndiweni has formed a pressure group which is aligned to Nelson Chamisa and is called My Right to Vote, this group is aimed at convincing diaspora to rebel against their government and demonise their country in a bid to request foe a vote. The real purpose of the group is just to oppose the government and hope to install Ndiweni back to the chieftaincy he has been removed by his own people.

As President Mnangagwa was in Glasgow reigniting the reengagement process Chief Ndiweni was outside the streets of Glasgow in the full traditional regalia requesting the world to pile more sanctions on Zimbabwe. His efforts as a traditional leader were so embarrassing as compared to ordinary Zimbabweans who were in high morale hoping to see their leader as he lifts the national flag high. There were many presidents who graced the city of Glasgow, and they had their citizens in solidarity braving the rainy cold Scotland, but shame on Ndiweni in his full regalia demonising his country and his president. Ndiweni was leading a handful of pathetic losers who were sponsored by the notorious Rhodie John Burke who is the financial sponsor of the misguided few being misled by a dethroned disgraced Chief Ndiweni. Ndiweni together with John Burke led another pathetic handful of losers to disrupt the Gala which was organised by the ZANU PF UK members and was open to all Zimbabweans to attend in support of the president.

It took the reasoning of the Scottish police who dispersed them and in shame with his tail in between his legs Ndiweni crawled back into his cave.

chief Ndiweni and his disgracing few followers were trying to spoil the party for Zimbabwe. How cruel some people could be? Day and night Chief Ndiweni and some evil groups masquerading as human rights activists were planning to have flash demonstrations to vilify Zimbabwe and rubbish all the efforts being done by the President. The chief showed no connection with his country as he petitioned the British Prime minister to deny president Mnangagwa entry into UK. Unfortunately for Chief Ndiweni the British Prime minister promised to give a reply after the event. This irked chief Ndiweni who then took his armour to Glasgow where his team of traitors were outnumbered by the Zimbabwean patriots who battled the bad publicity in the streets and won hearts of many Scottish and different nationalities.

one Scottish clergy commented “Some people have no shame. How can they be willing to put their country on sanctions for a vote, why do they not go home and vote if they want a vote so much? This is a shame.”

It is surprising how these malcontents hope to be assisted by demonstrating against their country in the foreign land. Many of these are good for nothing charlatans bent on soiling the good name of Zimbabwe. The sad thing above all is that the whole chief is leading such people.

The people who are working against Zimbabwe are led by a chief whose mind set is pathetic diabolical and indeed demented and some visa seeking losers who intend to hoodwink the British Home office by claiming that they are political activists.

There is a group led by one Yuda working together with an MDC A official Danmore Sithole from Croydon, London. This group failed to demonstrate; their plans of asking the world to add more sanctions on Zimbabwe failed after their hired bus could not leave the depot.
Cde Mabhurukwa; a Zanu-PF UK and Europe official; said “This behaviour of selling your country for a song is disturbing. While it is their democratic right to demonstrate, democracy must have boundaries.”
“These MDC people are a shame to our country. They are from the well-known Movement for Demented Charlatans (MDC), otherwise known as Mentally Disturbed Children Away from Home. MDC A.”
The MDC demonstrators comprises two groups that are confused and paid by their white handlers.
Chief Ndiweni was taking advantage of Zimbabweans without status in the UK. Most of them came to the UK for economic reasons but to get visas fast, they sought asylum in the UK blaming the government for human rights abuses. This is a group which does not hesitate to demonise Zimbabwe and they can do it for hundred pounds a week. The people who came to Scotland to accuse the Zimbabwean government were the Zimbabweans who seek to be recognised as refugees.
The definition of a refugee according to The 1951 United Nations Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees is:

“A person who owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, membership of a particular social group or political opinion, is outside the country of his nationality and is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country; or who, not having a nationality and being outside the country of his former habitual residence as a result of such events, is unable or, owing to such fear, is unwilling to return to it.”

In the UK, a person becomes a refugee when government agrees that an individual who has applied for asylum meets the definition in the Refugee Convention’. That person will be ‘recognised’ as a refugee and issued with refugee status documentation.

In all types of asylum, immigration or human rights applications, evidence is needed to support the application.

Evidence is information to prove to the Home Office, or maybe to the courts if you are appealing a refusal that you are telling the truth. This may be to prove that you need to be in the UK, that you can’t live elsewhere, or just that you meet the criteria (the rules) of the application.

The evidence needed will be specific to your case, to your individual situation. There are, however, some standard rules and principles that need to be met and these will depend on the kind of application you are making.

So in order to get the evidence, many Zimbabweans will lie that they are MDC members so that they can justify that they are being persecuted or fear death if they are returned to Zimbabwe. These are the people who the ruthless chief Ndiweni pounds on and lead them into demonstrations against their country.
So many people will then resort to demonstrations at the Zimbabwean High Commission every twice a week. They will take photos dancing to some funny drum beat shouting obscenities to the embassy staff and insulting their own country all for creating evidence that they are in danger should they be returned to Zimbabwe. These people carried their drums to Glasgow and started to make noise attacking anything Zimbabwean.

Many posted their photos on social media and splash them on the internet and argue that their photos in Glasgow have been viewed by the CIO and that they are now marked for death should they be returned to Zimbabwe. The chief then will say he confirms this and maybe they will be granted visas.

For the selfish reasons of wanting a visa, these people are prepared to portray Zimbabwe as death trap so that the country will be kept on the sanctions list. Imagine how many people will be affected and are being affected by the sanctions. For what? For a visa of one pathetic liar who hates his or her country.

At the early stages of an asylum claim, their evidence may just be their testimony about what has happened to them and/or what they think may happen, and why that means it is not safe to return to your country. So, they feel vindicated if they demonstrate against Zimbabwe.
Chief Ndiweni was in Scotland not because he had a conviction in what he was saying but that he drags Zimbabwe into a dip end just for him to get back the chieftaincy which was never his. Documentary evidence is often hard to get because of the circumstances in which you had to leave your country so photos while you are holding placards denouncing your country being cheered by few colonisers presents a good documentary evidence of the idiocy one displays as they destroy their country. So that was the group which followed Ndiweni behind in Glasgow.

The few we saw in Scotland vilifying Zimbabwe were motivated by the basis of a fresh claim which is new evidence about the original reason they claimed asylum; or it might be that their situation has changed since they claimed asylum and had an appeal heard and dismissed; the situation in their country may have changed; or that by insulting the president they have become surplus evidence and they are new targets.

Every day, all over the world, people make one of the most difficult decisions in their lives: to leave their homes in search of a safer, better life. But they do not set to lie about their country and put those left behind in the jaws of sanctions. The actions of Chief Ndiweni in Glasgow were deeply depressing and flabbergasting.

Most people in the world have had the experience of leaving the place where they grew up. Maybe they will only move as far as the next village or city. But for some people, they will need to leave their country entirely – sometimes for a short time, but sometimes forever. This is the world we are in today. Some people out there are so proud of their countries. Not these few Zimbabweans in the MDC camps and taking a leaf from the confused extinct chief.
Zimbabwe has never seen such problems, like human right abuse or persecution yet Zimbabweans are seen at every international gathering insulting their nation and the leaders. Shame on us.

We still have many Zimbabweans talking bad about our health system. It is not a secret how the Government is renovating hospitals in Zimbabwe. A state-of-the-art hospital is almost getting finished in Bindura.

Sally Mugabe Central Hospital has been refurbished and equipment which costs over half a million has been commissioned. Wilkins hospital was given a face lift and now boasts of world-class Covid-19 treatment facilities.

Many districts and provinces are seeing their hospitals renovated. The time for medical tourists is gone.

The new dispensation is pulling through thick and thin, but we still have some misfits singing the pride of their countries away in demonstrations out of the country.

Some are demonstrating for a diaspora vote in diaspora. How does the United Nations help you with how votes are taken in Zimbabwe?

The hodgepodge groups that participated had no formal affiliation with one another, no clear hierarchy, and no obvious leaders. But social networks helped to virally replicate the movement so that the basic patterns of camping, protesting, fundraising, communicating with the media, and interacting with the authorities were similar from place to place.

So besides trying to destroy Zimbabwe the MDC demonstrations abroad will yield nothing. Most traditional leaders in Zimbawe abide by the Constitution that clearly stipulates that: “Traditional leaders must not–(a) be members of any political party or in any way participate in partisan politics; (b) act in a partisan manner; (c) further the interests of any political party or cause; or (d) violate the fundamental rights and freedoms of any person.”
Chief Ndiweni breaks away from this “norm” and instead has chosen to speak against his country and selling his birth right to the hyenas. He is taking advantage of the weak and marginalized in the UK for his own benefit.

Ndiweni does not shy away from calling for sanctions against his own country, in addressing a press conference in Zimbabwe’s second city of Bulawayo, in 2020 he called for tough actions against the government, even appealing to the international community to escalate sanctions on President Mnangagwa’s government, claiming it has failed to pursue democracy.
Chief Ndiweni claims that the government has failed to protect property rights under the guise of carrying out a land reform. Chief Ndiweni now is calling for the reversal of the land redistribution programme. He stands for everything against Zimbabwe. Yet, traditional leaders still undertake important responsibilities especially in rural areas where 67 per cent of the population resides. Traditional leaders deliver various government responsibilities in some parts of Zimbabwe where the State has no or a limited presence. Their legitimacy, control and influence in rural areas remain. Chief Ndiweni has embarrassed all the chiefs his antics in Scotland were very selfish and cruel to common Zimbabweans.
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