Tribute To Genius Ginimbi Kadungure
9 November 2021
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Genius Kadungure(1984-2020)

By Simba Nyamadzawo

Ginimbi as controversial as he was, 3 facts are indisputable.

  1. Anga ariMbinga.
  2. He was famous and he will be missed by his legion of followers.
  3. He lived a happy life many would envy.

As someone who grew up in the same village -Domboshava ,in which Ginimbi hailed from ,it is hard for me to ignore his legacy and what it represents.

I took time to reflect on his legacy and analyze the allegations raised by his critics, unfortunately I could not reach a decisive point.

I last met Genius Kadungure in 2017 at Oliver Reginald Tambo International Airport, hatina kukurukura we just exchanged greetings as I was rushing to catch Gautrain. He asked me to phone him at the earliest convenient time. I phoned him a few days later and he said he is not yet back in the country we should touch base when he returns. I never made a follow up.

Ginimbi represents different things to different people. While a lot has been written about his riches, merry parties and flamboyant cars, very little is in public record about the Genius Kadungure Foundation, his philanthropic activities and generous deeds.

Inini hangu ndakazvimiririra what inspired me most about Gimimbi is the fact that he was proud of his home area and he never deserted it, to an extent of building a mansion there. That property will remain “standing” long after all the flashy cars have depreciated.
He proved beyond any reasonable doubt to the young boys and old men alike from Domboshava that it is possible for a villager to amass wealth and build a massive property kuJecha.

That mansion is a testament that he wanted to be associated with Domboshava. In some of his videos he addressed himself as “Ginimbi your boy from Domboshava.”

Someone once asked him kuti “Unoidi property isina maTitle Deeds?” and Ginimbi gave an unexpected answer.

“Shamwari, ndomadii maTitle Deeds? This house is not for sale, it is my home.”

Some will celebrate Ginimbi, others will find pleasure in criticizing him, others will take time to decipher the source of his wealth.
To us who hail from Domboshava, he remains one of us, a brother, a mbinga.

Rest In Peace Mutenhesanwa.