Musengezi Tears Mnangagwa Apart
14 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri|Zanu PF man Sybeth Musengezi has described Emmerson Mnangagwa as a blundering politician who does not care at all about the welfare of Zimbabweans.

According to Musengezi, Mnangagwa is a typical political hypocrite.

Musengezi is challenging Mnangagwa’s controversial appointment as party president by the Zanu PF Central Committee.

See his argument :
If a leader is chosen by the people, he/she will surely serve the interests of the povo.. BUT an imposed leader will only serve the interests of his/her appointing masters & friends. Mufudzi akakokwa anodyisa makwai nemapere pakumanikidzwa ASI mufudzi akanaka anofira makwai ake.

After removing Cde Mugabe in 2017, if
had sound advisors he wouldn’t have missed a clear penalty to become Zim’s biblical Joshua. Hunger for power took over and he became associated with political and business thugs, something Zimbabweans who ‘marched’ never expected.

After the disputed & controversial 2018 elections, instead of
creating a gathering of snakes (Polad), he should have brotherly and genuinely sat down with
. If these two had found common ground, Zim would by now be somewhere up there. 2nd Penalty missed

Now we hear the same Sanctions rhetoric as the cause of our problems when we openly have a clique of thugs who’re busy milking the country and looting our resources. We choose to ignore that corruption, policy inconsistency, abuse of property & human rights also cause suffering.

MEANWHILE, as the young people of Zimbabwe and other progressive minds; we are DEMANDING that Cde Emmerson Mnangagwa
and your crew immediately fix this nosediving economy so that you can leave offices with dignity.

We want a stable economy, functional healthcare & educational institutions, jobs, decent pensions for our elders, decent salaries for our civil servants among other constitutional rights…. Not this monkey business! We want an END to corruption and abuse of state institutions.

Sybeth Musengezi