POLAD Is Part Of Zim Political Crisis- President Chamisa
14 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri| MDC Alliance leader President Nelson Chamisa says POLAD does not have the capacity to resolve the country’s political impasse.

President Chamisa, quoted by The Standard, ruled out joining POLAD.

Genuine dialogue is the only solution to the country’s deepening political turmoil, according to the MDC Alliance leder.

“That (Polad) is part of the problem.

You cannot try to score cheap political points like that.

The only solution is dialogue and you cannot run away from it.

We can run away from it now, in five years or in 10 years but it is the solution that can build our country. It is time to take back our beloved country.

Nobody is in charge. We only have poverty in charge and suffering.

We can’t allow that. There is hurt and violence all over and we need a humane government,” President Chamisa told the publication.

On Saturday he tweeted:
TOTAL CHANGE..We must turn things around. We just don’t have the luxury to be general. We can’t just be ordinary. To whom much is given much is expected. Good to go and Ready. I will not disappoint! Happy sabbath