Several body parts have been discovered in a fridge at a Soweto home
14 November 2021
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Human body parts in Soweto were discovered hidden inside a refrigerator, News24 has reported.

The partner of the suspect reportedly made the discovery.

The suspect tried to commit suicide upon arrest. 

How cruel people can really be to butcher a human and refrigerate the body parts, how is that even in human nature.

It is believed that the body parts are not from the same body because hands or arms are more than two. The community around the Soweto home were left shocked if the suspect eat people or sell body parts. It’s a quite shocking and traumatizing story to all the people around the area.

People will now live in fear due to the insecurity built by the current situation, more or less police should make sure to always keep searching the house that had been forsaken or abandoned by their owners.

If not just bring the houses down to limit hide out places, for crime in communities even the municipality shouldn’t allow houses left unattended.