Emmanuel Nyakonda Was A Hard Working Man, Mum Pours Out
16 November 2021
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Emmanuel Nyakonda

The late DJ Stummer, Emmanuel Nyakonda’s mother, pours her heart out following the son’s untimely death last week. (Full transcript by ZimEye)

Emmanuel was a hard working child, as he grew up with others. When I fell ill in 1983, Emmanuel is the one who used to cook for us. Emmanuel helped me to open my crèche. He is the one who wrote the sign post that says: Crèche is Open.

Emmanuel was my first driver for the crèche. I asked him saying to go pick your sister’s child, Sheu. Sheu is now in Poland, he is the one who got picked up by Emmanuel when this crèche was opened, and is now studying medicine in Poland.

Emmanuel was very powerful. Even before then, when he got married, Emmanuel was helping me in the sewing room. He was a good Taylor. The sister was being taught at Speciss.

Emmanuel and I sewed the outfits for the wedding.

We made a lot of money. Emmanuel was a hard working man. Even the money for his flights to the UK, I did not do much. In 1 and a half months, we had managed to raise the money.

God saw it that Emmanuel battle it out for 5 minutes. Maybe he was going to struggle if it would have gone on for longer.

We shall meet when the Lord permits.

I would also like to thank you time and the honour to speak with me.

– Mama Nyakonda