How Mnangagwa Punished SK Moyo For “Drafting” Dismissal Letter
18 November 2021
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Tinashe Sambiri| Former Zanu PF spindoctor, Jonathan Moyo has revealed how Mr Emmerson Mnangagwa secretly plotted to topple his boss Robert Mugabe.

Jonathan Moyo tweeted:
“FIVE YEARS AGO, a year before his Nov 2017 coup, Mnangagwa and I at the Bindura University of Science Education (BUSE) graduation day on 18 Nov 2016.

ME: I know about your Blue Ocen Strategy, your coup plot.

EMMERSON: Bodo. Me? I have been behind shefu for 51 years!”

Jonathan Moyo also revealed that Simon Khaya Moyo was loathed by Mnangagwa for “drafting” the latter’s dismissal letter.

“Like in 2014, SK Moyo expected the Vice Presidency of ZanuPF in Nov 2017; out of his well founded but misplaced belief that the Unity Accord still mattered in the post-coup ZanuPF and govt. He was the most senior and most deserving candidate, having been National Chairman!

In 2017 SK Moyo’s association with or involvement in the drafting of the 6th Nov letter dismissing Mnangagwa from govt & the 14th Nov presser accusing the ZDF Command Element of treason cost him the VP post; second time in three years, which this time went to Kembo Mohadi!

While SK Moyo did not draft the 6 Nov 2017 letter alone, as the letter’s drafters included President Mugabe, Chombo, Kasukuwere and Grace who called the shots in the marathon meeting on the day; he fine turned it; and key phrases like Mnangagwa’s “lack of probity” were his!

SK Moyo survived the coup mainly because he was in the loop due to his marital ties with the coupmakers arising from his son’s marriage in July Moyo’s family. Having gone for him in 2014 Mnangagwa’s Midlands clan saved SK Moyo in Nov 2017. But even so, not all was forgiven,” argued Jonathan Moyo.

Flashback…Jonathan Moyo and Emmerson Mnangagwa