Redcliff Murderer Of 7 Mentally Unfit To Stand Trial
18 November 2021

By A Correspondent- Redcliff man Thubeihle Kheshow (26) who allegedly killed seven people in a knife and spear rampage was mentally unfit to stand trial the court yesterday.

Kheshow was examined by two psychiatrists and discovered that he had developed mental health problems.

Kwekwe District prosecutor Yeukai Mugumba said,” Two doctors examined him. under the Mental Health Act and discovered that he is not well”.

She further stated that “if he does not go on trial owing to his illness, a special verdict will be handed down by the High court. A special verdict can either find one guilty or not guilty depending on the gravity of the murder”.

Kheshow was charged with seven counts of murder, attempted murder and rape after an early morning attack on his victims in Redcliff Stone Clare suburb.