V11s that “Passion Is Not Java”.
18 November 2021
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By Showbiz Reporter | In August, the heroic Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono shut-the-sports on the foul mouthed pastor Passion Java who had spent the weekend throwing a party over his first 2 million views.

Java, is the producer of the Mnangagwa election campaign song, Patati Patata featuring the Congolese Kofi Olomide.

Chin’ono printed out how the numbers are everything from suspicious to discredited.

Said Chin’ono: They don’t just rig elections, they also rig YouTube views! Dear ZANUPF comrades, We went to university in Europe and America, and some of our classmates are now executives at social media companies like YouTube! You can lie and rig to rural people but not to us. Happy weekend

One of Zimbabwe’s most effective social influencers, TaffyTheMan has released evidence that a person does not have to purchase follower-ship and that simple organics are enough to strike the mark in the community.

His revelation comes barely a year after his Facebook page was hacked and all effort to recover it failed.

Taffy, who sticks to his focus on edutainment, is an Australia based musician; he writes his own songs, acts them out, produces them, and does the rest with no backing support from anyone. He neither purchases followers or likes, the way the controversial Passion Java does.

He has told ZimEye, it takes him a day or two to produce his bombshell songs.

It appeared all a dead end, when in early 2020, TaffyTheMan started struggling to market his videos after his page was hacked by a notorious syndicate that lures content producers using outrageous advert money offers. All efforts to recover the page fell flat when it emerged their sophisticated methodology had granted them total access;n That page had about 47,000 followers. But barely a year later, he has a bouncing 100,000 on his new page, Taffy Theman.

He issues his announcement saying he can now show it forth that Passion is not Java. He says:

100 000 followers πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘
Thank You so much

No social media fights (fake or real); no Mbinga Endorsements; no newspaper feature, no radio or t.v interview, never gone to any of the so called big platforms ndichiti ndiposteiwo; Yet we keep moving.

A year ago my old page Zimba.com was hacked, it had so many followers, I had to start afresh; 365 days later here we are
No amount of sabotage or snub-otage can stop the rise of an idea whose time has come.

I also want to address this issue publicly
I will not stop doing my political satire just so I can make certain individuals and corporates comfortable enough to work with me.

Money is good, but it is not the reason why I do what I do,passion is (not Java)
I would rather own and control 100% of a little than be 100% owned and controlled for much.

If we are gona work together it has to be from a position of mutual respect.
I know my worth.

Thank you 😊