The 2021 RSF Press Freedom laureates Honored
21 November 2021

Every year, the Reporters Without Borders (RSF) Press Freedom Awards honour the courage, impact and independence of the work of journalists or media outlets who, by their courage, impact or independence, have made a notable contribution to the defence or promotion of press freedom in the world.

For these, the 29th annual awards, six journalists and six media outlets or journalists’ organisations from 11 countries were nominated.

Discover the fights waged by the 2021 RSF Press Freedom laureates:
. The Prize for Courage supports and salutes courage in the practice, defence or promotion of journalism. It was awarded to the Chinese journalist Zhang Zhan.
. The Prize for Impact rewards notable achievements in journalistic freedom, independence and pluralism, or in drawing attention to these issues. It was awarded to the Pegasus Project.
. The Prize for Independence rewards journalists or media outlets that have resisted financial, political, economic or religious pressure in a noteworthy manner. It was awarded to the Palestinian journalist Majdoleen Hassona.

It is for the sake of journalists like them that we continue to defend press freedom throughout the world with passion.

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