Kwaito Music Legend In Hospital
23 November 2021
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Kwaito legend Arthur Mafokate was hospitalised last week after suffering from an unknown illness since Tuesday, 16 November.

He posted on Instagram thanking health caregivers and everyone who wished him well when he was under the weather.

Posting on Instagram, the 59-year-old Amagetsi Ayaphela hitmaker said:

Thanks to the humble and dedicated medical team at the hospital, and to all of you that have been wishing me well since Wednesday after reading my WhatsApp status, like the message said that I will not respond to you all, but I read all your messages and appreciate all your support, may The Lord bless You in abundance. Thanks for keeping it a secret to my parents and saving them from stress they could have went through had they been aware as of Tuesday that I was not fine. Aus Connie you are my pillar of strength.

The Mnike hitmaker is recovering home after spending some days in the hospital. He told The People’s Paper the past week had been bad for him. He added:

Last week was terrible with all sorts of complications and scary symptoms. It wasn’t Covid-19 though and I wasn’t diagnosed with anything.

I am getting there, I’m recovering and I am home now.

He told SunTeam that the reports that he was not feeling well could have affected his parents and they “would have panicked and it would have affected their health in return.- Daily Sun