Nyasha Zhambe Murderers Known
27 November 2021
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By A Correspondent| A member of the MDC Alliance, who was brutally assaulted by known Zanu PF hooligans in October, has succumbed to internal injuries.

Nyasha Zhambe Mawere( Gutu Central Constituency) and MDC Alliance Youth Assembly Official, Arnold Batirai- Dube were assaulted by Zanu PF agents during President Nelson Chamisa’s community engagement meetings in Masvingo Province.

MDC Alliance deputy chairperson Job Sikhala confirmed Mawere’s death.

“I am receiving sad news that our member Nyasha Zhambe Mawere frm Gutu hs just passed on.

He ws abducted & severely tortured by ZPF thugs when he attended our Pres
‘s tour of Gutu.

He came to my house & I assisted him to be attended.

He could not make it.
MHDSRIP,” Hon Sikhala wrote on Twitter.

Batirai- Dube, who is recuperating from injuries he sustained after being brutally assaulted with logs by the said Zanu PF hooligans has indicated that his life is in danger as he knows the hooligans who killed Mawere.

” Zanu PF hooligans pounced on us as we were accompanying President Chamisa during community engagement meetings in Masvingo Province.

We were brutally assaulted and Mawere was badly injured.

I was also injured but I am recovering well. I am receiving anonymous calls from government agents.

They know that I want to expose those who killed Mawere.

My life is in danger because I am being trailed by government agents.

I have the names of those who murdered Mawere,” said Batirai- Dube.