FULL TEXT- New Political Outfit Leader’s Manifesto Launch Speech
1 December 2021
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FORUS PRESIDENT’S SPEECH TO ZIMBABWE – “I am the truth to Power and power belongs to you the voter”

Today is a historic day in the FORUS family and Zimbabwe at large as we collectively embark on this first step towards total transformation of our lives. Through consultative engagement that we have been doing over the years and countrywide toured that I did with my team in the country’s ten provinces, we came up with a FORUS Party Manifesto with substance towards excellency in service delivery and practical solutions for Zimbabwean problems as demonstrated by our policies. We are showing, through our manifesto that we launch today as we officially commence our campaign, that indeed, we have a plan for economic emancipation, development, clean government with a clear vision to restore Zimbabwe to its glory status and prosperous future for generations to come.


FORUS’s vision is that of a Sovereign Zimbabwe in which a democratic decision-making ‘order-maintaining’ state facilitates freedom of enterprising underpinned by the rule of law and property rights, to achieve transformation, justice, equality and prosperity for all. FORUS is a liberal democratic party whose core values includes:

  • Recognition of the importance of the liberation of Zimbabwe in laying the first step of the country; thus commits to a fresh and transformational leadership that will complete and finish the unfinished business of the liberation struggle,
  • The promotion of a democratic, transformative market economy where the regulatory role is to create a highly sophisticated and highly technologized society,
  • Freedom, equality and justice that enable individuals to pursue their own interests,
  • Safeguarding of civil rights and liberties based on the observation and respect of the rule of law,
  • Accountable, transparency, responsible and people-centred leadership and government. FORUS Party therefore pledges:
  • To build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which Zimbabweans seek to balance the fundamental values of economic freedom, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity
  • Cultivate a transformational and servanthood leadership, selflessness and transparency, with zero tolerance to corruption to accelerate economic growth.
  • Promote service delivery as a democratic right, a legitimate expectation and responsibility.
  • Commits to fulfil, the war against poverty, unemployment, under-development, lack of opportunities and inequality.
  • Ensure an efficient and predictable public sector incorporating participation and the rule of law, and democratic governance.
  • Dispersed power to foster diversity and to nurture creativity.
  • Based on the principles of constitutionalism, the rule of Law, respect of property and human rights and the creation of a consensus state.
  • Gender-sensitive approach to governance, recognising and promoting the role of women, senior citizens, disabled and the youth in our governance systems.
  • Address the issues such as transitional justice, national healing and reconciliation.
  • Restoration of the social contract, building strong and independent institutions, economic devolution and equal development, establishment of a consensus state, eliminating corruption at all levels of power, development and urbanization of rural areas and infrastructure transformation.

To us the most effective leadership today isn’t about technical expertise and having all the answers. It’s about being an accommodative human, showing vulnerability, connecting and engaging with people, and being able to unleash their potential