PSC Must be Conversant with Current Regulations Operating in Schools
2 December 2021
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Over the past two days PSC threatened teachers to engage in mandatory invigilation using an old and obsolete circular that has outlived its usefulness. The current handbook on school leadership signed by the current line Ministry Perm Sec (and ratified PSC) on page 41 clearly spells out teachers’ duties. Invigilation is not part of the duties.

We are aware as Ptuz that it is dangerous to be enlightened when your employer or boss is ignorant and guilty of selective forgetfulness. It is for this reason that Ptuz leadership is currently under seige. We however, want to remind PSC that merely occupying a big office does not have an osmotic influence in which one suddenly finds himself/herself thinking better. As Ptuz the truth has always set us free and we will always navigate our representation of teachers based on light and not darkness.


Dr Takavafira M. Zhou, Ptuz Presisent