95% Murder Cases In South Africa Are By Their Own Local Citizens
3 December 2021
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By Dr Masimba Mavaza | The events in South Africa are so disheartening and surely demonic. The bloodthirsty attitude of the South Africans against truck drivers exposes the lack of wisdom and stupidity engulfing some South Africans. The way fellow Africans have suffered in South Africa at the hands of the black South Africans shows the ignorance and the most the shocking ungratefulness the South Africans have.

The silence of other African countries when their nationals are being butchered shows that African leaders have let the continent down.

This is a tragic failure of leadership. Africa deserves better and Africa must show the South Africans that they are not Demi gods neither are they masters. No country survives on its on.
It is unbelievable that human beings would take such sadistic pleasure in seeing someone’s sorrow and mental anguish. The brutal killing of African drivers in South Africa exposes the vampirish satanic sadistic and devilish mentality the poor uneducated section of some South Africans have.
“Humiliating fellow Africans like this shows a lower standard of humanity!” Hopewell Chin’ono twitted on the situation in South Africa. The most painful thing is that us as Zimbabweans have let ourselves down. We have reduced ourselves to objects to be jeered at, that some may pity but few respect.
The South Africans are powered by their blood sucking leaders who seek to blame the foreigners for their political failures. Their accusations of the foreigners becomes a trigger which switches on the wave of hatred and cruelty against humanity. South Africa has become a shame and an embarrassment to all humanity.
The carnage witnessed in the South African high ways aimed and perpetrated against other African lorry and truck drivers is demonic.
As expected the world is silent like always. If the issue is about the Africans against themselves it is of no consequence and is best ignored. The most painful thing is that we make things worse for ourselves.
The only voice of reason in South Africa is Julius Malema. He stands with fellow black man. It is surprising that the South Africans are up against their fellow brothers who are only offering services and yet embrace the whites who are looting their wealth. The short minded nature of the South Africans is appalling and disgusting.

South Africa is full of clowns from their president who thinks Africans in South Africa are bringing bad luck and must be removed, to the minister Cele who thinks the thieves in South Africa are foreigners. The murder rate in South Africa increased rapidly towards the end of Apartheid, reaching a peak in 1993. It then decreased until bottoming out at 30 per 100,000 in 2011, but steadily increased again to 38 per 100,000 in 2019. More than 526,000 South Africans were murdered from 1994–2019.
Of all solved murder cases only five percent of murders were committed by foreigner and ninety five percent was committed by the South Africans themselves.
South African men have taken the lead in rape cases and sexual abuse. They are known to be un romantic and will always treat their women as trash. Instead of teaching their men how to treat ladies South Africans decide to blame the Foreigners for their shortcomings. “Ladies and Gentlemen, in the first quarter, the Sub- categories of crimes such as Contact crimes, Sexual offences, Aggravated robberies, Contact-related and Property-related crimes have recorded a never seen before double digit increases.” Minister Cele announced as he gave end of the year crime statistics. The perpetrators of these crimes were largely South Africans with a very few number of foreigners.
The minister stated that
“Contact crimes such as murder, attempted murder, sexual offences and all categories of assault registered a 60, 6% increase, compared to the corresponding period of the previous financial year.
In the three months of reporting, a 66, 2 % increase in murder was recorded. Those arrested comprised of very few foreigners.
Between April 2021 to end of June 2021, 5 760 people were killed in South Africa.
This is 2 294 more people killed compared to the corresponding period in the previous financial year.
Out of the Top 30 murder stations, the Khayelitsha, Phillipi East and Bityi police stations in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape recorded decreases in their murder figures.
But despite these drops, the volumes of murder remain high.
Causes of murder
From a sample of 4 467 cases it was determined that a total of 2 531 people were murdered in public places like on the street, open field, parking areas and abandoned buildings.
1 385 murders occurred at the home of the victim or of the perpetrator.
206 of the murders occurred at Liquor outlets and are the fourth most likely place to be killed in South Africa.
Overall, contact crimes increased by 60.6% compared to the skewed same period last year,
The top four causative factors of these murders are arguments, robberies, mob justice incidents and gang-related killings.
We welcome the arrest of the 14th suspect linked to the brutal killing of 8 young men in Zandspruit on the 17th of May. We also call on police to improve their working relations and service delivery to communities, so that residents don’t resort to taking the law into their own hands.” Said the minister. Of the murder cases half are foreigners killed in most cases under the nose of the police force.
10 006 people were raped between April and June 2021.
This is an increase of 4 201 cases, amounting to a 72.4% increase, compared to the skewed previous reporting period. Of all the arrested rapist on one twentieth were foreigners.
It is assumed that Legal discrimination along racial lines in South Africa ended with the demise of apartheid but racial categorisation and discrimination on tribal or nationality grounds is still being used by the government for monitoring economic changes and continues to cause controversy. Migration is a political lightning rod in domestic politics, but what happens when domestic practices breach international rules?What happens if the leaders incite their lowly thinking thugs to murder the innocent people in the high ways. It is clear that crime in South Africa is not caused by the foreigners. As human beings foreigners do commit crimes but they can never teach South Africans how to kill. The most brutal inhuman killing of people in the African history was the necklacing which is still prevalent in South Africa. Evidence of this tension is in the headlines again with events in Truck garages in the motorways in the roads at every entrance to the cities of South Africa. Many thugs of weed smelling youths who do not have a driving licence comes up showing the cruel kangaroo interrogation of the innocent foreign drivers. This is followed by gruesome burning of the drivers or slicing of drivers all on camera. Tensions remain high between Africa as a whole and South Africa as thousands of truck drivers are being held in political limbo. South Africa must know that Respectful and tolerant societies are typically the most harmonious. To get through the challenges of the 21st Century, we are going to need to learn to overcome racism and bigotry.
The way the South Africans are behaving makes us wonder If bigotry is in their DNA, a remnant of our fear of “the other” way back when that was necessary? If so, why do some battle with their instincts while others embrace them?
Humans are the most cooperative species on the planet – all part of a huge interconnected ecosystem.
Most human attitudes and behaviour have both a genetic and an environmental component. This is also true for our fear of others who are different to us – xenophobia – and intolerance of their viewpoints – bigotry. Hardwired into the brain’s amygdala region is a fear reflex that is primed by encounters with the unfamiliar.
Being treated differently or unfairly because of our race, skin colour or ethnicity can negatively affect our mental health.
The experiences of being treated differently from others because of skin colour, race or ethnicity meant that our brothers in South Africa live with constant fear or anxiety. They have started to avoid doing the same things that other people simply do without thinking about.
It has become dangerous to speak in another language, or with an accent, in public otherwise you will have your tongue cut off. It has become more dangerous to use public transport or going to certain public places alone where you could be a minority
Many have stopped using their real names on a job application
Besides the gangs of killers it is more worrying to interact with the police. You worrying about wearing the clothes we want to wear.
The painful thing in this case is that most atrocities being committed by the South Africans is being supported by the government.
Prof Lumumba wondered how a South African believe that a doctor fromZimbabwe has taken his job when he has not seen the door of a primary school. The ignorance by the South Africans is very thick. Xenophobia threatens the lives and livelihoods of refugees, asylum seekers, economic migrants and other locally defined ‘outsiders’ including domestic migrants and ethnic minorities. Beyond such political influences, our human culture strongly influences our attitudes and behaviour, modifying our human drives – either suppressing them or encouraging them further. Whether we tolerate and trust someone or fear and reject them depends a lot on this culture.
Modern civilisation in general encourages the extension of attitudes such as respect and tolerance beyond those who look similar to us, to those who we have no relation to. We reinforce and codify these values, teaching them to our children, while some religious and secular spiritual leaders promote them in their teachings. That’s because they generally lead to a more harmonious, mutually beneficial society.

South Africa can be better if it is going to tolerate the other nations. It did not free itself it was the blood and sweat of those who lay down their lives for South Africa.
The killings of drivers must stop. Our leaders mist stand up and be counted.

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