JUST IN: Charges Against Hopewell Chin’ono Dismissed
6 December 2021
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Journalist Hopewell Chin’ono has announced that the High Court has dismissed charges of incitement to Public Violence laid against him by the state when he was arrested in July last year.

Chin’ono who has endured 15 months before the Harare Magistrates court applied for exception of charges on the basis that the charges raised by the state did not amount to a criminal offence.

His application was dismissed at the Harare Magistrates court prompting him to approach the High Court to challenge the decision of the lower court.

The High Court has just dismissed charges against him.

“The High Court of Zimbabwean has dismissed the charges against me for Incitement to Public Violence. It means my arrest was & my case were trumped up as I have always argued! I spent the past 15 months in jails and courts for something that I didn’t do! It was cruel and tragic,” said Chin’ono while posting on Twitter.