The World’s Worst Domestic Violence Case: Acid Attack
10 December 2021
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By A Correspondent |This is arguably the world’s worst domestic violence case ever seen; and this is Primrose who was savagely burnt by her husband in an acid attack on the 17th Feb 2020.

Prim, currently under the care of the US based, Phumulani African Women Against Violence NGO, recounts how she spotted warning signs at the beginning but did not take any action.

She met Mr Fungai Muriri (42) in 2014, and their relationship would develop further.

She says however, over the years, “it took time for his behaviour to show up.”

Primrose begins her account saying:

It happened on the 17th February 2020.

“This is my boyfriend, Fungai Muriri; I met him in 2014; We met again in 2015 and over the years, it took time for his behaviour to show up.

“It was later when I discovered that his character is terrible; I tried to leave the house twice but at each turn he would come back and appear like he has changed.

“It was later that I discovered that there is no difference at all nothing has changed. I was doing my job in South Africa.

“So I got to a point where he told me to stop working because he was employed as a land surveyor, and we continued like that until the day he lost his job. It was after he had become unemployed that I discovered that things are now terrible.

“He was now employed as a bouncer, and was doing a lot of bodybuilding.

” He had no respect for me and neither towards my parents.”

In February 2020, Muriri’s degenerated into full blown violence when he splashed liquid acid over her face, before fleeing.

Phumulani is now in the process of assisting Prim with face reconstruction medicals, among other forms of help granted.


Commenting on the development, the director of Phumulani, Comfort Dondo said, “this is really hard for me. I had to do this, to bring Prim here in order for people to see the work that I do and to understand what domestic violence is.”

“Prim is the face of the pain women end up going through.”

Dondo suggested saying Prim was attacked after she had wanted out of the relationship.

Meanwhile, Muriri was still to respond to questions at the time of printing.