National Assembly Adjourns Sitting To 2022
11 December 2021
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By A Correspondent- The National Assembly has adjourned for the year and will resume sitting in February 2022 unless they are summoned by the President.

The Lower House of Parliament adjourned after approving the Finance (2022) Bill and the Appropriation (2022) Bill.

The Finance Bill and the Appropriation Bill will be presented before the Senate which is expected to sit this coming week.

Senate (Upper House of Parliament), had adjourned on the 25th of November. However, not much debate is expected in the Senate as the Government is rushing to conclude the budget before the end of the year.

There are fears that the recent surge in new coronavirus infections may result in the country being put under lockdown.

The Ministry of Health and Child Care announced 4 996 new coronavirus cases on 8 November. New cases rose to 5 189 on 9 November, and on the 10th of November, 6 181 new cases were recorded.